Monday, November 4, 2013

WFAS Review/Overview

WFAS (World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies) is only two thirds through and it's pretty good!
Firstly the location at the Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre is great. There are lots of talks, lots of people from around the world and lots of things to read and products to check out!

Overall it's already a great success! Some of the talks I will review in more detail shortly. I guess my absolute favourite was the acupuncture treatment for PCOS with Dr Danform Lim talk. The standard was just so inspiring. The structure of trial, how he reported it (with a sense of humour and openness) was great. There was so much great work and effort behind the trial that it appeared effortless and totally integrated. Hopefully to be repeated by others, although the bar has been set very high!

Other talks I want to review for you: moxa for oncology patients and some nice insights, an overview of breast cancer and TCM treatment, laser acupuncture, esoteric concept of harmony for cancer treatment, chronoacupuncture. And a couple of workshops. One on glaucoma and acupuncture in the eyeball!! Another of acupuncture on the tongue!! And insights into modern moxibustion with real moxa that is not burnt!

Flame glove treatment... Normal? It is when you go to an acupuncture conference!!!

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