Sunday, November 10, 2013

Red laser light induces activation of mast cells

A study to investigate the response of mast cells to red laser light to reveal the role of ,mast cells at acupuncture points.

This is an overview of the talk with analysis:

Prof Wang Lina from China, previous lecturer at Shanghai University of TCM,  outlined this study and gave some reasoning. Firstly he stated that moxibustion was a common practice and laser could be related to as a mechanical heat, similar to moxibustion, If someone was scared of needles this would be a good alternative too.

An infrared laser was used of 600 to 900 nanometres (equal to one billionth of a metre) with a laser skin penetration of 1.2-2 mm. ATP release was monitored. For further investigation human mast cells showed degranulation too (degranulation is a cellular process that releases antimicrobial cytotoxic molecules from secretory vesicles called granules found inside some cells. It is used by several different cells involved in the immune system, including granulocytes (neutrophils, basophils and eosinophils) and mast cells. It is also used by certain lymphocytes such as natural killer (NK) cells and cytotoxic T cells, whose main purpose is to destroy invading microorganisms). Leading to a conclusion that cellular events may form the mechanistic basis that initiates laser acupuncture effects. 

Damage is associated with molecular pattern molecules (molecular,metabolic pathways) including ATP released by injured tissue for immune response. Acupuncture leads to large amount of andenosine, ATP release.

The talk was interesting. I like the molecular pattern molecule indication (molecular or metabolic pathways) which seems to be on trend in the greater science world too. Terms like molecular pathways or metabolic pathways are used a lot currently to describe phenomena which is a nice interrelation into Western science. . The main issue with this talk is how it changes focus. Even in the abstract the title is mast cells but the body of it switches to ATP? I guess they are interrelated. Confusing but some interesting points raised.

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