Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Tattooing...

Tattooing and acupuncture? I was talking to a student a year above me about possibilities and pathways to follow after graduation. Usually people want to specialise in dermatology, cosmetic acupuncture or pain clinics and so on. However I was really surprised by his idea of tattooing! His opinion was using candle nut ink had beneficial herbal properties for arthritis. Building on this idea he stated that using acupuncture points during tattooing increases this benefit and that a specific design would have a powerful energetic effect as well, like a Ganesh (the Hindu elephant deity) symbol or ancient pattern.
Personally I wouldn't get one, but I did complement him on the Ganesh elephant tattoo he showed me on his shoulder.


Anonymous said...

Great thought but where is the photo of the Ganesh elephant tattoo?

Damo said...

Ha ha


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