Monday, June 16, 2008

TCM Clinic for sale

Hi people,
A friend of mine is selling one of his TCM clinics due to a change in Australian immigration laws. He told me he hasn't got enough people to staff it. He sent me this to pass around:
"The largest and only franchise of Chinese Medicine Clinics in Sydney- Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia Eastgardens branch for sale:
regularly patients, long lease, 5 individual treatment rooms, herbal medicine cooking and packing machine, one council approved GP position available, professional acupuncture clinical techniques and special herbal formula training.
Eastgardens Westfield, 152 Bunnerong Road is the second biggest shopping center in Eastern suburb.
Contact: General manager Jessica Website: "
A while a go I was getting treatments from him and he used to have the raw herbs brewed and bagged up for when I came in for next weeks appointment. I think the raw herbs are the way to go, but they are so inconvenient so I really liked this method of doing it. The only draw back is that the herbs would be a week behind. They still helped me at the time though. They are probably more powerful than the instant "coffee" freeze dried style of herbs and the generalised patent pills that you can get.
I must admit I am impressed by his business. He has three other five roomed clinics. All set up with automatic foot pad controlled tables, movement sensing hand washes and so on. All clean and professional looking. I think his standards are better than a lot of other clinics I've been too. One of which I remember had yellow sheets because they had been used so much an not washed. That's another story though. Check out his website to get an idea as that is pretty good too. BTW the significance of five rooms, he explained once, is the association with the five elements. Sort of superstition/feng shui and energy related I presume.

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