Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yins and Yangs of Exams

Here's a before and after of the Chinese Herbs Pharmacology exam!
10 minutes before: Yin followed by Yang. That is fear followed by adrenalin. 10 minutes after exam: Yang followed by Yin. That is beer followed by chatting
That exam had build up to it! A lot if Western and Chinese mixed up together with a broad range to it. Herbs is a tricky one. The notion is healing through natural materials. The idea is: you will learn the functions and meanings of Chinese herbs in Western context. The result: The interpretations are mixed between people's points of view, the research is limited and a lot is animal based. I guess there are opportunities there. Anyway we did it!
One more thing. This exam was on a Saturday! Now that is WRONG!

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