Friday, June 20, 2008

Health Today

I was looking for massage courses and I came across this video from a practitioner. I liked his take on intuitive health and the way he over viewed the number of ways information contradicts itself. To me its highlighted the background bother of how do we legitimise natural health and respect western medicine? As soon as you start mentioning one it becomes a defense or an attack against the other. As soon as you spruik one it becomes slightly mistrusted or blindly excepted.
My opinion is that there has to be a new way of thinking. A shift in consciousness-similar in the way to the acknowledgment of Global issues.

Combining is difficult (water and fire!) and a single minded point of view is dogmatic (a cult for example). One thing I’m sure of is a lot of energy is wasted in an adverserial approach. However we can begin to see a softening of this approach. Today politics blends ideas for the majority to follow. A few global brands influence a planet. There is an awareness of a global impact with actions and deeds with the environment instead of just local concern. The Internet has connected the world and it’s people. Remember the impact of google earth-a wow moment!
How can this be harnessed with health? Everyone is different but all actions are accountable and reflected globally. These ideas for health have to be combined for survival. What on earth is going to be that moment?

Be the change you want to see Gandhi said. Thinking of these things is a beginning. Acquiring the knowledge of these matters is a second step. Applying this knowledge with the best of intentions is the third step. Maintaining the best of intentions and listening to your conscience, in my opinion, is the best guidance there can be and hopefully the universe shows you something that takes your interest.

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