Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Acupuncture Points Location Exam

The UTS Tower of Power. Even shrouded in mist and slightly drizzled with fresh morning dew it doesn't come close to romantic.Studying for point location exam. All students, no matter what nation or age, migrate to the floor to study This is just before our acupuncture point exam today waiting in the corridor
Just before the Acupuncture Points Exam (note lack of smiles)
Imagine memorising a sequence of 300 numbers with strange Chinese interpretations attached to them. Then add western Latin physical terms to memorise too (e.g medial malleolus). Further imagine an examiner stands next you, in the background the gentle ticking of a 20 minute count down timer, and asks you 25 random questions to locate and explain these points! Plus you have to do it on the 12th level of the ugliest building in Sydney. Well that was mine and a few other peoples reality today. STRESSFUL!
Somehow you get through it. Thanks everyone!!!-including the examiners I guess...


jennybod said...

Well done and I loved your description of the tower :-) It made me smile at the attempt to make it interesting. Like reading a menu for an exotic dish!

Damo said...

Thanks! That Tower is the same age as me I think!


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