Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Acupuncture in the EYE!!

Sarah is a test subject, I mean willing participant...Genevieve needles while Peter Meier looks on. Careful placement, check out Peter's hand size-big fella doing a delicate job.
Needle in place, eyes cannot be opened.
Here's a close up of Michael with my needling.

We continue with our acupuncture practice! It looks a bit full on and it's a delicate, sensitive area called stomach 1. The needle passes through the space above the bone into the eye socket but isn't close to the eyeball. I wouldn't say this point is needled much but it is stated that it draws energy to the eyes and is helpful to "calm and cool " the Liver , associated with eyes in Chinese Medicine. Some books state that it is forbidden to be needled too. However it's part of our curriculum. When it was done to me it wasn't painful, but I was definitely a bit nervous.


andreainamity said...

Hi. I posted your article on Eye Acupuncture on, which is a blog for the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Mineola, Long Island, NY with a clinic in Mineola and Manhattan.

I linked back to your blog.

However then i read that you wanted people to ask permission. I did not see a place to contact you so am writing this comment, tho i meant it to be a request.

Thank you,


Damo said...

Thanks for referencing and for letting me know. That pic looks cool on your blog :)


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