Saturday, August 30, 2008

Acupuncture Talk

Picture of the flyer for the talk
Hi Blogs,
Here's an example of the sense of humour (?) of our all and everything highest manifestation of awareness supreme, God chosen, leader Peter Meier. The talk was on depression and was entitled "Acupuncture: a prick for all occasions". Peter, as I have mentioned before, is a really down to Earth type of person.
I remember when I first walked into his office, in tower one, to ask some questions in my first year. I recall a very large woven and chunky picture on the wall and piles of papers on the floor and around and about. Knowing that the rest of the lecturers were moved to building four I decided on the following ice breaker:
"Must be difficult moving from one office to the next"
To which the reply was something like,
"I'm not moving anywhere."
It was actually situation normal in his office, which I had somehow misjudged!
Then I remarked
"well it's nice to be back", as I had missed some University time in my first year (another story)
"Is it?" I seemed to remember the reply to be.
Peter really helped me on that day with the information I needed to get organised with and he was really nice about it. To my memory someone else walked in while I was getting up and that was the end of our conversation.

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