Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Welcome to the Road Kill Cafe"

My latest acupuncture treatment involved increased Qi circulation-not excess hair removal as you may imagine from this pic
The adventures of acupuncture continue:
"Yeah I have got better with the pain levels from getting needled"
This was the last thing I said to my current practitioner I am trying out at the UTS clinic before I was pinned by over ten needles to the abdomen.
Not that I am complaining though. This combination is boosting my energy and I had a couple of others for stress as well. Sometimes all the study and learning can be overwhelming so it's worth getting back to basics and getting a treatment. It can all seem a bit strange sometimes but whenever I get acupuncture there's always some kind of result physically or emotionally.
BTW if you ever want to call our head of faculty during mid sentence on the lecture room phone, this is the response you will get:
"Welcome to the road kill cafe, you kill 'em we grill 'em"
Anyway the lecture was on laser acupuncture-more on that soon.

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