Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Electrotherapy and Acupuncture

Here's the machine.Here's all of us trying them out Jeremy getting electro-courtesy of me dialling up the power
Seems pretty relaxed
Everybody else getting electro too. Different reactions!

Here's a little video of my hand twitching from electro stimulation while Sean Walsh tells us what is happening

Hi ppl,

We had an introduction to TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) today. There are two main types of electro therapy in TCM. Electro stimulation through needles themselves and through surface electrodes. We tried surface electrodes today. Very helpful for pain relief with for example back conditions and sciatica. Basically adding to the overall effect of the acupuncture. We combined it with acupuncture to the lower back as well. This is the first time I have tried electro and once you get used to it the sensation is ok. One interesting aspect is that the patient can take charge of their own treatment and dial the power up or down themselves. The aim is to have stimulation but no pain, as the nerves can shut down if they are over stimulated therefore stopping the benefits. However the frequency can be automatically changed to help prevent this. One aspect of electro is habitualisation. This is when the body becomes accustomed to the stimulation. If you give control to the patient they can increase or decrease the power according to how much they feel sensation over time. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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