Thursday, September 9, 2010

Badde Manors Gelato Sign for Sale!

Badde Manors Cafe, Glebe, Gelato Finger Sign!

This famous Sydney sign can be yours! It's in great condition and still has the link chains from when it was suspended from the street awning!

This artist painted picture by Kath Ellis, from the Alpha House Artist Co-operative, on wood of an arm with a hand holding a gelato and pointing to the cafe with the words "Gelato", "La Dolce Vita" and "Badde Manors" in a ribbon on a heart is now available with the cafe's and artist's permission.

This sign is Sydney famous and is great piece of artwork. Painted in ice cream colours on both sides that look great, with one side themed green and the other side in blue. It features beautiful writing and the name of the cafe on the sign. It's fun, beautiful and instantly recognisable!
All proceeds of the sale are going to Mahboba's Promise orphans in Afghanistan charity.
"Hi Damien, That is as great idea to raise funds for us. Please let me know how the auction goes. Kind regards, Mahboba"13/07/2010

The sign is being auctioned by Bondi Traditional Chinese Medicine. Search and join Bondi Traditional Chinese Medicine on facebook to find out more!

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