Sunday, September 5, 2010

Patient with Eczema and Dysmenorrhea

Here we have herbs for a patient with eczema and Dysmenorrhea (painful period).

The patient has experienced eczema since very young and has a dry itchy skin on the right elbow crease and behind the left knee, which is sometimes exudes puss.

The diagnosis was

Blood Heat, Wind Damp with underlying Yin and Blood Deficiency

We used:

Shen Di Huang 15 g

Chi Shao 15g

Chuan Xiong 12g

He Shou Wu 15g

Bai Ji Li 15g

Bai Xian Pi 15g

Jin Jie 12g

Ku Shen 12g

Xi Xian Cao 15g

Xuan Shen 15g

Yin Chai Hu 15g

Zhi Mu 12g

Gan Cao 6g

The following week I caught up with the individual. Due to Spring developing (more heat) and an increase in consumption of spicy foods that week there was a little bit of improvement but only a little bit.

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