Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tongue Analysis

Ever looked at your own tongue in regards to health?

This video shows some tongues we had to analyse for a comparative study for a statistics class. We are doing a science based degree at UTS, so they love to throw statistics in there. It's very painful and awful! I've heard they put it in the last year of the course as everybody would drop out if it was in first year..!

Anyway in Chinese medicine looking at the tongue is part of the diagnosis of how you are.

Consider the tongue coat and tongue body. The coat can be thick, moist or dry, peeled and have different textures. All meaning certain things for diagnosis.
The body can have different shapes and colour. The shape can be indented, or not, enlarged or thin, have red raised spots (papillae) or have cracks on the surface.

More later :)

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