Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Chinese Medicine Society: The Holistic Dentistry Talk Review

Dr Christine May came in to do a talk on holistic and natural concepts around dentistry and threw in some Chinese medicine ideas too as not only is she a qualified dentist but also about to graduate from a Bachelor in Health Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Technology, Sydney.

The talk was very knowledgeable, confident and engaging, with everybody asking questions!

Some main points she covered were types of fillings, fluoride and what you can do to help teeth health care. I have since purchased floss again…

Mercury fillings: According to Chris there is more of an issue for the dentist than the client in these types of procedures. The vapour given off during these procedures is the most dangerous part. With the example made of dentists breathing this over a number of patients being treated, but the effect for the client is just about zero. Chris went on to state that the mental health of dentists has never been  documented as an issue from mercury. Even when they used to have the practice of mixing the mercury with the filling material by hand. Further on she mentioned the mercury is set in an amalgam that seals and even if it is close to the root there is no problem. The main issue is placing and removing these types of fillings due to vapour release in the process, which is minimal at the most, with the dentist being at greatest risk, if any.
Another subject mentioned was fluoride! I recall Chris saying that for an overdose to occur an individual would have to drink 9 litres of treated water for any kind of small effect. The main problem of overdose occurred in rural areas where fluoride tablets were given with incorrect dosing. This lead to patchy whitening of teeth and pitting and even discoloring of teeth, but apparently it is an issue that doesn’t occur in this current time frame. Further more in her opinion the Healing with Whole Foods book by Paul Pitchford book is dramatically incorrect in its fluoride information, using the wrong chemical analysis for the fluoride in water systems.

Chris also came up with some anecdotal stories of treating friends with tooth extraction and using acupuncture techniques. In one case extraction was done on one side of a client using acupuncture and standard anaesthetizing of area and the other side was also treated with the same procedure, but without acupuncture. The client reported good recovery and markedly reduced pain relief for the acupuncture treated side.  

These are just some of the highlights I recalled from this very interesting talk.

Chris here in the talk
 Snap shot of the audience

 Here's a funny toothbrush drawing someone did on the poster!

Interesting journal article and well controlled small statistical trial on Electro–acupuncture efficacy on pain control after mandibular third molar surgery

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Mickie Yezek Roller said...

I was 52 years old and I had a massive stroke in 1999. I'm 62. I couldn't speak, completely aphasic, and I couldn't walk; confined to a wheelchair and five hospitals. Nothing clicks. It's a profound, hopelessly, bleak situation and no way out. It's tabula rasa; it's a blank slate.

I'm not a physician, or a dentist, or a science guy. That said, here's my events about the stroke and mercury fillings. I obtained medical records 10 years ago. I suffered from funky foul breath and a metallic taste; paralyzing fear all the time, constantly; excessive sweating, and palpitations so heart-stopping, so violent and volatile, for 20 years.

The physicians and dentists need to talk to each other. Now.

Read my blog. 20 pages.
and How to Stroke Out with Mercury Fillings ( It's an amended version. Three pages.

Thank you.


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