Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bladder Channel Acupuncture

Bladder 10 needled both sides. Remember not to penetrate to the brain Halfway done and each alternate inside Bladder point is needled
Our lowest point needled along the spine was the Bladder 32,in the second sacral foramen, that is a hole in the base of the spine on the sacrum. Sounds horrible but it's all routine now

Acupuncture from almost the very top to almost the very bottom... Thanks for letting me use the pics Michael.
In this class we marked out the Bladder Channel and then needled it. This is done by finding the first thoracic vertebra of the spine and asking the victim to move their head from side to side while gently pinching around the vertebra. On head movement thoracic vertebra 1 will be stationary while the vertebra above, cervical vertebra 7, will move. This becomes the landmark to find all the other vertebra from. Then we marked each vertebra of the spine and associated the acupuncture point with it. You know what? Everybody has a different type of spine. Some people have longer bits, others shorter bits, some with bits missing. It's hilarious or should I say interesting. Anyway it's less hilarious when you have an examiner breathing down your neck (spine related joke) asking you specific questions about what goes where and how. Interestingly this was one of the quietest classes so far. The back being less painful too needle. However when I went for an acupuncture treatment today I was coincidentally needled along the Bladder Channel and I screamed out like a kid who couldn't get his chocolate bar. Was painful. You may also like to note that we cover each other in ink and proceed to needle. Ink poisoning is not an issue as the person doing the needling has to wear gloves...That's the law.

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