Monday, September 29, 2008

Ross Penman Acupuncture Talk at UTS

Here's Ross Penman and myself after the talk

Hi Blogs,

We had another talk for the Tai Yi Society just recently at UTS. Managed to get Ross Penman to come in. Now internationally you may not of heard of him, but here in Sydney he's well known. Very interesting man and a very successful practitioner. He works from the ground floor of a mansion in the exclusive suburb of Neutral Bay in Thrupp Street. I had to work hard to get him to come in and I had to book him 3 months ahead before the talk! Anyway it all came together and it was the first public talk he had done in at least 25 years! It was quite an achievement. Even more so as he wouldn't tell me what he was actually going to talk about.

***Latest update ***

Ross asked me to remove the synopsis and biography

No problem. Stay posted!


Noam said...

hey damo,

I don't think he was trying to say that the concept of Ming Men was "wrong", rather that modern institutions tend to place an unwarrented emphasis on the Ming Men. In his opinion the Ming Men offers little clincal significance.



Damo said...

Yeah good point. However I thought the way he put it, as an addition to the Suwen, put Ming Men in a pretty negative light. Thanks for commenting!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Damo,

I remember you telling me about this guy when you came back to start studying again. I'd say that you have a lot to learn from him. I can see your passion for his style of practice.

I hope your studies are going well.


Damo said...

Hey Jason,
Yeah thanks. I think I like his practical attitude and his irreverance! Studying is burying me into the ground at the moment! How are you going?

Matt D. said...

Hey Damo,

I graduated about 2.5 years ago and I love Ross's style as well. He is a secretive bastard ey? ;)

I went to a underground lecture with him a few years ago. Let's get in touch...

I will send you a private link via email. I am building up something interesting.


Damo said...

Hi Matt D,
Stay in touch as I couldn't get your link to work and only just saw this post!


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