Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Good, The Bad and THE Trashy

This is one of the best line ups of all timeMore of an idea of how we roll TCM Sydney! Even better line up!We had a Fourth year send off celebration. Now technically no one has graduated, but they have to go to China for 3 months to intern in a Hospital . So this is the last chance for everyone to get together after the majority of studying is done, and why not?
The Tai Yi Society organised it, I'm and executive member. I'm second from right in the top picture with the others from the society. I'll spare you from any of the other pics during the night. The theme was the good, the bad and the trashy. So a few people turned up as good super heroes and trashy nurses. I wasn't brave enough this year and I don't have a nurses outfit either. Was a great night and we had people from all years and we also combined with Western Sydney University and another college. I definitely met some great people and had a great time!

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Julie Meyer said...

Wow, You had a lot more fun in acupuncture school than I ever did!


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