Friday, September 5, 2008

Point Locating Device

Hand held point locating device in action Didn't I see this in Star Trek The Motion Picture?
This semester has been the biggest and busiest so far, so basically I'm updating with little nuggets of information. I'm glad I'm still able to hold your attention though.
This device turned up in clinic today. It's a battery powered point location device. It works on electrical resistance on the skin to find the location of an acupuncture point. Being demonstrated on the Ying Tang point on the forehead in the above pic, thanks Jee. Basically it beeps and lights up when placed on the skin. Anecdotally I remember Peter Meier relating a story about someone who was very deficient in Qi down their legs, lack of sensation and feeling, and no readings coming up with a similar device. Clinically I have never seen them not make a noise when placed anywhere on the skin. If there is no noise, or location of acupuncture point, basically you press harder and you get a result. Also I've seen alcohol swabs used to wet areas to create a result too. Anyway love them or hate them they provide some use for some practitioners. I recall when one day we were unable to get a result with a reading from the device with a patient and we were all very concerned. A simple change of the batteries and the patient was much better ;)


jennybod said...

LOL I'm so glad the batteries make everything better :-)

B.J. von Schneyder Art said...

DEFINATELY the same thing Aliens use to place implants in your brain - I know what I´m talking about, LMAO! ;)

Damo said...



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