Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick UTS TCM Lecturer Profile: Congxing Yang

Smiles turn to horror as an assignment is revisited...

Here’s a privileged glimpse into a tutorial and a snapshot look at one of the lecturers at UTS in action. Thanks Congxing.
Firstly the reason I took these pics is that I have always loved the documentary feel of a sequence of pictures of a person interacting, talking and expressing different parts of their personality. These pics are an attempt to capture that. But mostly they are smiling ones… Even more satisfying is that I was allowed to capture them in tutorial in the office of the individual. So there’s a bit of flavour there.
Congxing Yang, everybody calls him Cong which is pronounced “Chong”, is our main lecturer for Chinese Herbal Formulas 1. Herbal formulas are a nightmarish dip into the Chinese language, in depth reasoning of TCM diagnostic theories (mind bending) and massive amounts of recall of individual Chinese herbs and also of herbs mixed up in different groupings-even more confusing!
Anyway Cong put on a wild fire tutorial at 12 today. That’s lunch time isn’t?? Anyway the exam is tomorrow and he provided a window of opportunity to stretch out some last minute ideas and fill in a few more gaps. You know that’s pretty cool, shows a lot of passion for the subject and demonstrates heaps of patience too. I think the main thing you can see from these pics is Cong’s sense of humour. So dedication and a sense of humour. Rare, rare, rare! Thanks Cong!

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