Sunday, June 14, 2009

Acupuncture and IVF

Here's an interesting title I saw in the library. Heading over there during the week so I'm intending to take it out. However I had some hefty fines recently and blew my borrowing limit. It totally sucks, so have to pay that off first. Apparently even if you are one dollar over they won't let you graduate until it's paid...


Amy C. said...

It's a great book- here are a lot of good tips in there, and some interesting formulas.

After the fees are paid, of course :) I love reading the posts- great photos, too!

Damo said...

O great thanks. I am heading back to the library next week so I will be sure to take it out.
Thanks for the possitive vibes :)

Eoin said...

Hi Damo, my name is Becky Clarke and I am surfing the web trying to find someone studying TCM in CHina hence I found you. I am writing an article for the college magazine at which I teach themed TCM around the world. I was hoping you could jot down two sentences for me, just the one thing you really like about studying TCM in CHina and one thing you hate. I have people from the UK, USA, and Australia and think China would be a great addition. If you can find the time to help me out I would certainly appreciate it. it will be totally confidential.

Oh and the IVF book is excellent I too would recommend it! I work in this area in London using acupuncture to support IVF at some of the big clinics here, even one of the top docs (I won't name and potentially shame) sends patients from the IVF clinic over to see us.....pretty high praise we feel.


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