Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chinese Medicine: Why Blog it?!

Here's my video blog dissecting Chinese Medicine! I decided to film down at the park near Double Bay library because it's so beautiful. I hope you like it. Any suggestions, ideas or comments feel free!

This video is dedicatd to the memory of Carol Rogers


Yael Ernst said...


I just love your blog so much, it just adds so much fun into Chinese Medicine!

On the next video, could you please make sure that we're able to see your face when you talk?

Other than that, great idea, and thanks for the inspiration I mentione on Twitter. :)

Take care,

Damo said...

Hey Yael,
Thanks for keeping track :) and the love :)
May be better that people don't see my face !haha
Good point, though, so I will be working on the production over the next few weeks!

Jenny said...

A great idea to do the video ...well done


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