Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Microsystems and Advanced Acupuncture Treatment Techniques

Our mission: to use acupuncture on the abdomen

Everybody getting down to practice
Me getting friendly heat moxibustion service (check out the needles too) -thanks Laura
My turtle design on Laura's abdomenReviewing some of the pics I took over last 2009 Autumn Semester and found these interesting acupuncture ones. We did one module called Microsystems and we explored different acupuncture ideas and theories. One of my favourites is ear acupuncture but in these pics we explored abdominal acupuncture using the turtle holograph! The simple idea being that you relate a specific image to a part of the body and treat the rest of the body. Here we mapped an ancient symbol of a turtle, according to one practitioner's theory we analysed, and centred it on the belly button as this area can be said to have energetic importance due to the umbilical cord attachment. Then you treat a person's knee injury by using a needle on the knee area of the image. The theory is that one part of the body is related to the whole. In this case the image knee and the persons knee are reflected to each other. Not scientific. However from an energy point of view the belly button area and the surrounding areas are well known for treatment in Chinese medicine theory history. You can also relate to the meridians already passing through that area as well. It's a challenge and a different way of thinking. You have to suspend one type of scientific logic and then believe in a theory. This theory can be challenged at every aspect. But then I have seen people have abdominal acupuncture for weight loss with great results. Then it becomes anecdotal. Is it just as valid? It becomes very open to interpretation. Personally I find it very challenging and a lot of my energy goes into questioning. I don't want to believe, I want to know! In Chinese medicine there are truly so many unanswered questions. So much to learn and understand. It's an amazing challenge and even the analysis of Chinese Medicine, with scientific trials, may be the wrong way to go about it. How do I stay motivated? I had acupuncture and it helped me and it will help someone else too. Do I know and understand exactly what happens? No! I have theories , ideas and writings I can relate too though. Am i satisfied? Maybe time can only be the judge of that.

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