Monday, June 1, 2009

Eaxm: Beginning, middle and end

Here's a sneak peak of 3 months work distilled into 7 pics. We had our Western medicine Clinical Features of Disease exam today and even though people are smiling-IT WASN'T FUN

15 minutes before the exam cram!
Not a good question!A special look inside the beginning of an exam!
Here's a table shot inside the chamber of doom. Pretty special doco shots
The lecturer likes to use this big clock for time keepingAt the end-what a freaking relief!

This exam involved learning heaps of disease signs and symptoms across the areas of the central nervous system, urogenital system, STDs, gynaecology, endocrine, haematological and rheumatological systems. On top of that we had to match disease states with signs and symptoms in 3 essay questions. So many people went to the toilet in this exam... Anyway it's another one done and I'm glad to say I don't have to sit through those lectures again, well hopefully!

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