Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What happens when you graduate? Melinda McDonald and her clinic

A rain soaked street in Newtown where Melinda's clinic is

Melinda stands outside the shared osteopath and acupuncture clinic

Inside the practice: fully automated tables, fresh towels and a smile
It's official: here's the card :)

Melinda graduated in the year ahead of me fairly recently and I thought it would be fun to say hello and have a look at where she is and how she is. I popped over to where she practices in Newtown on a rainy day and found her place in the hub of specialists and doctors surrounding the hospital on Missenden Road. She shares with an osteopath in a two room clinic. I wanted to go to get a reality check and see life on the other side of graduation from someone who attended the same course as me. Melinda's set up is very professional and convenient. Working with someone who is already established can be a big boost and when they are in a different field from you can get quick and close references (meaning patients) which is very helpful. Another point, she told me, was that some things are already supplied and you can go percentage costs instead of shared rent. This is great when you are starting out as costs are scaled to the number of patients you have. Meaning smaller costs as you start out. Melinda is having a go and it's going alright. So well done and I'll come and visit you next time for a check up :)


melinda said...

Hi Damo,

Thanks for visiting my little clinic. I didn't know you were bringing a camera otherwise might have made more of an effort - yeah such a girl:-) Am happy to help anyone starting out with tips/advice. There is so much to consider and look out for, am still learning. But its all worth it - its so great to be practising!Best wishes on your CM Adventures!!!

Damo said...

Thanks! I'll visit for an update soon!


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