Friday, June 5, 2009

A Look at China Books in Sydney

China books is tucked away in a little arcade in China Town

Business in action: a sneak peak in the office More books!

This particular shelf carries most of our study titles: many hundreds of students have stood here and pondered
A classic acupuncture figure (good quality by the looks of it) and some animal models too which you don't usually see

One of the good things about UTS is the fact that China Town is just 2 minutes away. This is good for cheap snacks but we also have a dedicated Chinese Medicine text book shop: China Books I popped in there late one week day with a friend and said hello to Georgina who runs the place. Georgina is a business woman and a hard working woman. She tirelessly sets up stalls on display at talks and events and tells you about what’s knew and what’s happening with talks and lectures by authors and so on. She’s got a lot of energy! She’s also very kind. Chinese medicine books generally are notoriously expensive and cost anything from $200 or more! So she may even give you a discount if you ask nicely… You can always try! Oh and they also sell patent and powdered herbs there , as well as needles and other Chinese medicine equipment. Thanks Georgina :)

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